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Thread: End of an Era. 43 years with JBL is Over

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    After 43 -days- I'd expect better.
    After 43 years, this is family.
    I'm sure many of them (still there and otherwise) are equally ... displeased.

    I -am- pleased to have had the opportunity to meet you and other
    industy guru/talent/leaders over at Doug's,
    and wish you many interesting activities and projects
    ... if profitable, that's cool too, but mostly hope you have fun

    best regards and wishes,

    Dave (grumpy) Stowers.

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    France 11 Narbonne
    A page of the history JBL turns himself and the name of GT will stay associated in numerous mythical models of the mark
    - JBL- Westlake Audio -

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    Warsaw, Poland

    I wish you a blast figuring out and living out your next thing whatever it will be.

    All of your creations to date have been inspiring, so I have no doubt that whatever comes next will be even more rad.


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    Or is it.

    I too was dumped from employment from a radio station I worked at, after being told by the new station P.D. that he didn't like what I did, and that my next broadcast would be my last. That simple, that quick. I was dumbfounded as was the rest of the station staff. My consolation was that I went to work at another station, and that the P.D. was terminated himself. (The mortality rate is high in radio.) I mention this to offer my perspective. Companies what ever they do or create seem to go from the visionaries who create them, to solid competent management, to dimwits who can't find their posteriors with both hands without the aid of a mirror.

    My condolences to you Mr. Timbers, and to let you know of the many hours of enjoyment your productive genius have given me.



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    this is proof how companies think this days, no respect to the people who build up the companies with many great ideas

    Greg Timbers I wish you all the best
    thank you for all the great JBL speakers you have made all this 43 years

    hlaari (Ari Oskarsson)

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    Being able to work with you during my four years at JBL was a privilege, and was one of the highlights of my career as a technical writer. Your designs provide the absolutely magical illusion that real, live human beings are creating music in the here-and-now, and I was honored to have been able to contribute in a very small way to some of them by creating their user manuals, and to have been able to listen to and provide a small amount of feedback on them.

    The shabby way you were treated by Harman at the end mirrors my own experience and that of the others in my department a couple of years ago. Although since then I have entertained notions of returning to work for Harman, after today I no longer do. I wish you the very best, and look forward to enjoying the future results of your seemingly endless skill, talent, curiosity and energy.

    -Hyam Sosnow (hsosdrum)

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    Dear Mr. Timbers,

    Many thanks for all of your work and what you gave to us. JBL as it is now, was not able to thank you in an appropriate way. I hope that we can do this instead of them, from everywhere in the World.

    Big compagnies are now integrators of solutions that they buy elsewhere, they do not recognise technical expertise anymore, having lost their identity and knowledge. We are living in a stupid world.

    I wish you success for anything you will do from now.


    Paris, France

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    I too thank you for all you have done! I wont focus on actual termination and just go home and crank up my 250 ti (both sets), b460 and the rest of the TI systems I have

    Changing to Legacy Audio and started with a Silver Screen HD for my center between the 250TIs

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    Cool Stunned

    Mike Scott in SJ, CA
    Drive 'em to the Xmax!

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    Greg Timbers' Light

    Quote Originally Posted by gtimbers View Post
    I was unceremoniously separated from employment by Harman following a 90 second explanation. My position was eliminated! Following an explanation of benefits, I was escorted out. The timing came as a surprise and as such, I haven't thought about my future plans. While I don't need to work financially, I need to be active and challenged so I must figure out what makes sense for me going forward. To be clear, this is not what I wanted or deserved, but I will not comment further on details until a much later date. My decision, not theirs.It was a good run and I am very pleased that I have brought so many people enjoyment with the products I have developed over the last 4 decades. Once things settle down, I hope to be more available on the forum, but I need some time to adjust.My best wishes to all you JBL fans. Treat your products well and enjoy them while you can.Best Regards,Greg Timbers
    ^^THIS^^ compels me to take the time to post.

    Buddha once commented that "A candle's light is not diminished by lighting another candle." In fact, it produces twice the light. The candle of your brilliance has ignited countless other candles. Even when Harman tries to snuff the candle and throw it out, it's still burning brightly. You are the original light for a lot of music lovers who learned to love music better and in more intimate ways through the speakers that you and your colleagues developed. Certainly, I was enlightened by your work, as were hundreds and thousands of others, including many right here.

    Some of us were especially blessed to spend three wonderful evenings with you over three years at the Lansing Heritage Awards, and we got to meet, see, and honor many of the other wonderful folks who worked with you to produce such satisfying products for us. We got to see the smart, funny, warm man behind the products who was generous with his time and talent all the time, not just on one SoCal evening a year.

    Harman can never extinguish your light, and there are many more unlit candles waiting for your next move.

    Peace, Love, and Rock 'n'Roll!

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    So sorry to hear this Greg.
    Long live the 250 Ti and all of your accomplishments in your storied career at JBL!

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    Work for Bose and really get even.
    When they hustle you out the door it's really personal
    One minute you are a part of something then your an outcast
    i went through that 7 years ago and today make twice as much.
    Success is the best revenge
    Why buy used when you can build your own?

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    Wow. Nothing shocks me anymore, but this did. I'm turning my badges upside down. As stunned as you must feel right now, I'm sure this will turn out to be a positive life event for you. I eagerly look forward to your first non-corporate greed-hindered project. I consider all of your designs, and the 1400 Array in particular, true works of art. Best wishes.

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    My heart just dropped. What a sick world we live in... What a disgusting way to treat someone who has been a key employee for decades.

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    It takes some gall, and sociopathic tendencies, to terminate then escort someone like G.T. immediately out of the building like that after what he's done for JBL and Harman, and the audio world generally. How vacuous can you be? It seems to be only getting worse in the Orwellian U.S. Maybe it's past the time for decent people to GTHO.

    I must say though, Harman's handling of a customer service issue was enough to permanently turn me against the brand for future purchases. This gutless act towards G.T. just seals it for me.

    I wish you the best, Greg, and by the way - thanks for your effort on the Studio 500 series, among many others.

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