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Thread: End of an Era. 43 years with JBL is Over

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4313B View Post
    I can't imagine a scenario in which anyone would want to know them...

    How would they be introduced to a person? "Hey! I'd like you to meet Mr. Jackass." - I mean, would anyone really want to meet Mr. Jackass? I think not.

    It's great to hear from you Garry! We hope all is well with you and yours.
    When Mitsubishi did the exact same thing to me in the 90's, traditional severance in the industry was one month current pay for every year of duty. If Harman followed that route that should have softened the blow a bit. Regarding the behavior of modern corporations:

    Have they no shame? A: No, of course not. But they do have billions of dollars in the bank and I certainly hope they treated you right in that respect. It looks a bit like blatant age discrimination to me.

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    It has been mooted elsewhere that the reason for such an abrupt(all too common) exit is to protect 'intellectual property'.

    Given most of that intellectual property is already inside Greg's head makes it doubly stupid, crass and rude behaviour on the part of senior management.

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    Good grief!

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, Mr. Timbers. I've enjoyed the 4333A, the 4345 and the L212 in my own home, and the Everest II elsewhere, and have great respect for your work. I hope and trust this unexpected development will turn out well for you as events unfold.

    "Audio is filled with dangerous amateurs." --- Tim de Paravicini

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooky1257 View Post
    It has been mooted elsewhere that the reason for such an abrupt(all too common) exit is to protect 'intellectual property'.

    Given most of that intellectual property is already inside Greg's head makes it doubly stupid, crass and rude behaviour on the part of senior management.
    That was the first thing that occurred to me, otherwise why ambush someone unless there's some animosity? I'd imagine and hope Greg already had his important work copied and filed separately.

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    Back in the audio lab.

    'GT Loudspeakers'

    I suggest we start a crowdfunding campaign to finance a new company with the suggested name GT Loudspeakers or 'GTL'. The purpose of this company would be to design build and market top-of-the line drivers / loudspeakers, while employing Greg Timbers and the other former designers from JBL. Capturing a significant fraction of JBL's market share, the proposed company would teach JBL to respect their designers.
    Amazed I'm still alive!

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    Harman no longer Thee Company

    Obviously Harman is no longer the company it was when Greg joined them in the '70s. I guess we should not be surprised by this deplorable termination of its most valuable employee.
    I personally think Harman's demise as a respectable company started right after Sidney Harman died, even though Sidney may no longer had "hands on" day to day operations.

    For those of us who have enjoyed cloning JBLs with new and improved tech, Greg has been the inspiration.
    Greg's development of the Charged-Coupled Network™ was nothing short of brilliance. A tech I gladly copied for an L212 upgrade, along with other refinements.
    To Greg, all the best in the years ahead.
    Living in the Land of the Sun

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    Greg, so sorry to hear of your abrupt departure from JBL. As others have mentioned, we have the utmost confidence you'll land squarely on your feet doing what you love.

    Please keep us posted once you're situated so that we can continue to follow your brilliant contributions to music reproduction.

    Best Regards,

    DIY Array, 2242 sub, 4408, 4208, Control 8SR, E120 Guitar cab, Control 1, LSR305.

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    What the ....

    Dear Greg!

    it reads like a joke. Normal people can't understand this decision. Maybe the modern and mostly completely dumb managers fresh out of their elite university's can. Sure they can. Their dirty game is already in full spate.

    Quote Originally Posted by richluvsound View Post
    This is a generation doomed to detroy itself and all the beauty around it .
    They try to but I hope the will not succeed in the end. But stop politics...

    THANK you Greg for the fun your systems brought and still bring to me. Thanks for my beloved DIY Everest. Nobody told me but I know it was you in the end that made it possible for me to get the unobtainium components. At least you had some "influence". THANKS again!

    Right Richard..

    Quote Originally Posted by richluvsound View Post
    Take heart in the pleasure you have brought to us all and the hours of fun you've inspired in worshops , basements and attics around the world .
    And WHAT fun we had

    Quote Originally Posted by richluvsound View Post
    I'm positive your talents will not sit on the shelf for long ..... Perhaps
    I hope so Greg. It might turn into better for us JBL addicted.

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    Greg, I would like to thank you for a lifetime of dedicated and exemplary work at your craft. It has been richly rewarding to me, and countless thousands, who have thoroughly enjoyed the speakers you have created. Your work over the years has allowed JBL to release some of the finest products in the industry.

    i can not think of a finer way to spend a fall afternoon than to invite some friends over to spend a few hours listening to good music, with a pair of your speakers proudly representing. I have been blessed to own a number of your creations, and I wish to humbly thank you for all you have done.


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    The inevitable. It is after all, inevitable. An obvious turning point for Harman in the fiscal scheme of things. It'll be interesting to see the direction they take.
    Mr. Timbers, a good run indeed. Looking forward to your presence here. It's gonna be fuuuun!

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    Keep them alive!

    Greg, very sorry how JBL has treated you but we all look forward to having you post here on the forum. You are our leader. I have fallen in love with the blue baffle in 2011 and it has changed me.. I now reproduce your speakers and enjoy them immensely. Hope you have time to enjoy what this life offers as it does end at some point. You should be proud of all that you have accomplished and the great joy you have brought us all. Spend time with loved ones and savour the precious years to come.
    John Kang, Vancouver BC Canada.
    JBL 4355 | JBL 4351 | JBL 4425 x 2 | JBL XPL 200 | JBL XPL 160 | JBL 4345

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    Mr. Timbers started at JBL before many of us was born. That gives it some perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasfan View Post
    The inevitable. It is after all, inevitable.
    Inevitable is only the leave - but it should be treated respectfully.
    (Or should human relationships be dictated by bean counters?)

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    This is indeed sad news.
    I want to thank you for creating the XPL series which I have fallen in love with.

    I started out with a pair of 140`s and was impressed enough to start searching for a pair of 200`s

    My system consists now of a pair of XPL 200 up front.
    A XPL 140 as center
    and a pair of XPL 140 as rear speakers.

    Stereo for music and 5 channel for movies

    I have also a pair of 2245`s I plan to build a kind of B460.

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    Mr Timers you have my sympathy.

    Business is heartless.


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