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Thread: 4652's suitable for home? (Long 1st post)

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    4652's suitable for home? (Long 1st post)

    Hi all, first post. Much respect to all the experience here.

    I am a part time stagehand, have been for 13 years. Otherwise I am an inventory planner at a small mfg plant in Minneapolis. I've been into HT / Stereo for years, using mainly 2-way stand mount monitors such as NHT and Athena. I have a DIY sub based on Adire's 85l vented Shiva. HK AVR and DVD for sources. I listen to classical (Organ, large and small scale orchestra, vocal) and hard rock with the same love for the music, so both high SPL's and delicate micro-dynamics are important to me.

    Lately, cruising Goodwill, I've been fortunate enough to land a few larger types, and now use a set of Yamaha NS 5 monitors, circa 1977. They are the best at "imaging" I've ever had, and a 2-way with a 10" woof has allowed me to eliminate the sub for 2-channel. The sound is really spectacular, approaching the live feel I hear every time I set up a gig. Also, these speakers seem to work great at high and low levels.

    Dilemma - With only 50 watts to work with, I feel the next logical path (cheapest, most change for the dollar) would be a higher sensitivity speaker. So while watching Ebay, I came across 4652's. They end today. My question is, what would Church-type speakers sound like in my 13*28 living room? Only experience would say, but searches show these components in use in DIY projects, so perhaps someone could offer advice.

    I see low-frequency cutoff is rather high. With the Yamaha's I have now, I get good useable bass into the mid 30's. I assume room gain would help the JBL's get into at least the 40's, which would do fine for me. Perhaps some triangle ports from Parts Express would fit the enclosure's ports, and I could tune the enclosure a good bit deeper, for an experiment.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm just afraid to take this step without input from this forum.



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    I' ve got a pair of the 4655, the bigger brother with the 15 inch driver; HF horn and driver. I like the horn; I did not like the woofer. It was a curvilinear design woofer, not my cup of tea.
    I sold them, and put a different woofer (2226) in there, like them better now. If they were cheap enough, just getting the horns and drivers would be okay, but you've got to pay shipping, etc. The HF unit can be incorporated into a DIY system for the home, BTW.
    My gut is that you may not like these that much in the long run. They were fine for their application, such as in the church they came from.
    Bass won't be real deep, and I wouldn't mess with the box tuning via ports much.
    (BTW, I had some triangular Parts Express ports and they didn't fit the current holes)

    These were a lesser expensive product from JBL meant to hit a price point, and my gut feeling is that I would pass on them, unless they were quite cheap.

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