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Thread: JBL 4343 restoration, progress and quite possibly a lot of question along the way

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    Grey Boxes.. Teak Boxes 4343 embellishment!

    Ding Ding,

    Is this how your boxes started life..[or, something like!] ?

    Shows no 'trim' at the front - flat front edges.

    As against

    Shows those edges looking "very close" to what you have...!

    In my packing to move.. I just can't quite lay my hands on all my drawings and measurements...


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    Hi DogBox
    You may have missed the first post of the thread where I talk about these speakers. They began as the black and grey utility versions, were then painted black and after that got a blue baffle and was veneered and got a front trim. Now I'm stripping them down and building the walnut version on that foundation.

    As for the plans, I'm working on them when I have time. There will be two sets of plans. One for the walnut version and one for the utility grey. I have all the necessary measurements available for both versions, so it's a matter of modeling them and making them easy to read and follow.

    I have the lenses and velcro, but will not model them as it's easy to do without plans. You just buy original lenses or buy replicas from KenRick sound. I do not have original grilles so I will not model them. I will only make the speakers. I'm not good at modeling so small things take a lot of time.

    For crossovers people will need to buy them used, built, or build their own using schematics available on this site as I do not have competence to help out there.

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    Any updates to this interesting thread?
    When faced with another JBL find, Good mech986 says , JBL Fan mech986 says

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    Is any final drawing available?

    I would like to start a 4343 replica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DingDing View Post
    Blue paint, veneer and solid walnut in the house. Got some requested veneer scraps for experimentation, so excellent service from Oakwood veneer where I ended up buying. Still waiting for Titebond II and some minor things and need to figure out the specifics about the black color for the rear and the blind panel on one of the UHF slots.

    Everything about the trim dimensions are in the clear now and posted in the thread thanks to many helpful people like yourself.

    Agree that the trim looks better the way you've done it. Walnut all the way to the baffle also look very good. Have a look.

    This looks spectacular, but on the other hand I want it to look original even though I'm not fooling anyone. Have not decided what to do just yet.

    My brother and I may eventually end up building another pair for him (4343 or 4355) but after this project I will try to bring my own ideas to life having 4343 to fall back on if I fail.

    I have owned original 4430's for a few years and unfortunately they fall short in comparison to 4343. I think a 4430 with an additional cabinet with 2123 and 2404 stacked on top may yield better results, but never tried it as I fell in love with 4343. 2235h does not sound that good when xo is as high as 1khz as in 4430 imo. Other than that they are fun speakers and they look awesome.

    The reason I'm not building 4355 for myself straight away is I want to experiment with JBL components, DSP and active crossovers. If I'm unable to get solid performance I will build 4355 too, probably a fully active one with stepped attenuators replacing the L-Pads.

    Hope you're (all) having a good weekend.

    who's cabs, and which blue is it.

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    I never liked the stock 4430 either

    Reason: the 2121/2122/2123 wiped the floor with the 2235H in the mid.

    Its a dog above 300 hertz for midrange irrelative terms.

    I used the 4430 horn on top of the 2122 for while. Nice.

    However, the 2234H in the 4435 is much better.

    I heard the 4343B bi amped and compared to the 4435 bi amped set up in the same room at John Nebel's.

    The 2234H without the mass ring has more life and speed.

    But I preferred the 4343B at the time on jazz. It has more precision up top.

    I plan to try the 2405 direct to a digital amp as suggested by GT soon with a custom analogue crossover using Jfet zero feedback buffers

    If you like the 4430 horn talk to Guido as he tried a Be 1 inch driver.

    It was pretty spectacular apparently.

    Guido also does a nice wave guide

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    Wot? No Plans...???

    Quote Originally Posted by DingDing View Post

    These cabinets must be routed a bit because the front "lip" extends too much. But by how much?

    """Can't find plans for 4343 on the site.""""

    Seems like I am not the only one who struggle's...and such a Beautiful Restoration! The many measurements that could have been taken... ah well.

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