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Thread: 802 annular phase plug vs Tangerine phase plug pt2

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    802 annular phase plug vs Tangerine phase plug pt2

    last week i was wondering why my great plains 802 drivers with Tangerine phase plugs sounded harsh in the high frequency's compared to my old annular slit phase plug 802's everything is the same horns amp's so why do i remember the older drivers sounding better? Then it hit me no their is one difference adapters i use a 4" long adapter that couples my 1" drivers to my 1.4" Elliptical Tractrix horns my old drivers bolted straight to the horns no adapter the reason i started using the adapter was to get the face of the horn to the edge of the cabinet face the drivers are spaced the same distance as a model 19 cause i run the same components and a version of the mod 19 crossover so they served only cosmetic purposes. Well when i hooked the great plains 802 straight to the horn put on some vinyl and sat back in total amazement i never would have thought a 4" long adapter would have made such a difference HUGE difference now i am in love with my Tangerine phase plug 802's not only was the adapters making the highs harsh it was also effecting the midrange now everything sounds perfect listened to my vinyl till 4am just got up and started listening again these things sound Amazing. So dose anyone have a theory on why the adapters ruined the sound of my 802 driver?

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    Four inches long with only a 0.400" expansion is a very slow taper for a high frequency device. I'm guessing it develops its own pipe resonances and becomes a IM distortion generator.

    In any event I'm hapoy that your happy.

    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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    Excellent news! With a proper adapter it will sound even better. I have written a python script which generates a CAD file for an adapter given input and exit sizes and angles,

    With my script you can create a custom adapter for your horn/driver combination. Or I can do it if you give med the angles. Then you can take the drawing to a metal or wood CNC workshop and have them cut in a CNC machine.


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