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Thread: Valencia 846A crossover upgrade question

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    Valencia 846A crossover upgrade question


    Recently picked up a very nice pair of Altec Valencia 846A speakers and have been very impressed with the sonics.

    What do folks on this forum recommend for upgrading the stock crossovers?

    Does anyone have experience with replacement crossovers from Werner Jagusch in Germany?

    Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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    When running my Altec 846B's or the Altec DIY 416woofer/511 horn/807driver I had, using a variant of the 30904 with the original crossover was a great improvement. It cost me around $100 bucks and was easily removed when I sold them. You can find how to make the 8 ohm or 16 ohm version here I have made both versions, the other for a friends 846A's. Also at the time I had good success with running a room eq. Changing the caps in the original crossover would also be a good idea, or if you plan on selling them down the road making a fresh pair could work. Id also look to see if they made a 16ohm version of the Z19 crossover. Good luck, Scott

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