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Thread: 3.5way build questions

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    3.5way build questions

    Like many I would like to learn a bit more about speaker building. I follow a bit, but with so much to take in. I do get a bit overwhelmed. I have a few drivers I would like to try a build with. The obvious question is will this work? LE14AX2, 2118j, Selenium D220Ti/ JBL waveguide, the standard cheapy one. I think in the future if I found pleasure in these, I would be able to upgrade the CD's.
    I think to use the 14's in separate ported 2.44ft3/ea. cabinets tuned to 35hz Crossing over around 350hz. And, would a sealed box be good for the 8in.? And, I was planning 1800/2500hz point at the wave guide.

    Has anyone done a build near to this? I would assume so, but as yet can't find it.

    You can see, I will no doubt have many more beginner questions. Thanks for any help in advance!

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    You are on the right track.

    The 2118 has a nice wide and relatively flat response making it quite versatile for diy.

    You can use the 2118 vented or seal. It you plan to crossover 350-500 sealed would be best.

    Allow ample overlap for the crossover point in the useful range of the 2118 and the horn combo.

    Avoided using the horn down to its lower limit. The 2118 is good to 5000 Hz although the directivity will narrow above 2500.

    If you can Tri amp you can obtain a respectable result without too much R&D.

    Passive crossovers are really difficult and expensive to optimise.

    There are a number of threads with similar ideas so have a look at the approaches of those projects.

    See how you go and have some fun.

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    I see the 2118 woofer as a midbass driver. Therefore it can play down to 80Hz. As was mentionned above, I'd use a digital crossover and 3 amps to play with crossover frequencies. All the elements to have a nice sounding speaker system are there. ;-)

    PS for the LE14A, don't be shy to use it i a large cabinet. The driver has the ability to go low with a Fs of 28Hz. Look for the T/S parameters and find a free simulator to determine the cabinet specs.

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    Three way with a one inch horn/driver on top, 2118 in closed box and a vented enclosure for bass is the way to go. Digital crossover will give you the opportunity to equalise and time delay. Go for it!

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