Next week, I am getting some 846A Valencias. I heard them in the sellers setup, which was very different than mine, but obviously not in my system yet. They are in great operating shape, but a little cosmetically challenged. He rescued them from a radio station and replaced some wood parts, crossovers (factory replacements) and had the woofers reconed with GPA parts. I'll list a few thoughts below and you can comment on any you have thoughts on:

a. Which amp to use them with? I think the most likely candidates I have are either my Scott 222c or McIntosh MC225. I also have a Mac MC2105. What would be the ultimate to get the best from them? Shindo or SET?

b. Listen to them as is for a bit.

c. Raise them off the floor (I think I will have to do this, especially if they go in my "main system"). How much? Just enough to get the horn at ear level? I am worried about losing any bass.

d. Crossover upgrade? I know I can just get the factory potted ones recapped and I know about Zilch crossovers, mast mutter and other custome jobs. What's the best?

e. Upgrade the horn diver? GPA?

f. Add a supertweeter? What kind?

g. I will either build/get a new enslosure or refinish these. What is the ultimate enclosure? A7 style? Onken? Model 19 style?

I know all this talk is pretty crazy before I even hear them, but I have wanted to try some old Altecs for a long time and have done a lot of research. Actually these are my first horns, so a whole new world for me.

Thanks for any input and I look forward to what these teach me.