I've been hanging out on sites where I stand less of a chance of putting my foot in my mouth, but this is too good. I googled "best cd burner for audio" and replace my $15 burner for a Plextor 891SAW that cost me $30. I also burn CDs at 8x now. This thing burns more precisely especially at lower speeds. The disks that I reproduce on this thing don't sound quite as good as my one Blue Spec2 CD, but they many of the same qualities. The bass is much tighter than the original disk. The highs are smoother and the mids are warmer and more defined. I noticed the most improvement in older CDs that just didn't sound do good. It sounds like I upgraded the whole setup, but I didn't. If you want your CDs to sound better, all you have to do is copy them and burn them on this thing. you won't believe the difference. The price has gone up since I bought mine, I see them for about $56 now, still a bargain.