Hey folks,

I´m wondering if a 3110 crossover would be the best match for my 2440 (16ohms) and E-145 (8ohms) ?
They need a 800hz cutoff....

JBL says 16ohms for the compression driver
But Lowfreq. is 8-16ohms, do I have to change anything when using the E-145/8 ?

I will be bi-amping my system, so E-145 and 2440 each will have a separate amplifier... So no need for sensitivity alignment by reducing HF with resistors!!
But can I simply drop all resistors of the 3110 without changing the crossover-frequencies ?
Do these resistors only change volume or do they actually affect other parameters ?

Could I rebuild the crossover like this:

E-145: 3,3mh inductor + 25,5mf caps
2440: 9mf caps + 2,14mh inductor

Thanks a lot for your help,