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Thread: TiDome update.

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    TiDome update.

    Greetings, Friends,

    As I'd not heard from Doug in quite a while, since I bought most of the makings for my L250's from him, and since he moved to his new digs, I sent him a note, asking about how things are going, and now he and his lovely lady are doing. I got a very nice reply from Doug, filling me in on all that's taken place since their move from Southern California. They are doing just fine, and have been very busy in getting their new home in tip-top shape, doing painting, flooring, and other such things that are necessary when a big move is made! He's also still busy with his work, doing some commuting, and some telecommuting, and that, too has taken up a good bit of his time. Many of his JBL offerings are still packed, and thus far, he's enjoying two JBL systems in their new home, and getting his listening area(s) up to snuff.

    He told me that me misses being able to stop in a visit here at LH, and that he hopes to able to return, now and then, after his free time is more as he would like it to be. He passes along his best wishes to all his many friends here, and looks forward to joining us again, when he can. It was very nice to hear from Doug, and I very much miss his regular presence here at LH, and his formerly being in close proximity in residence. Being able to attend his outstanding JBL events was a real pleasure, and I do hope that, eventually, he can once again have his "Two Jim's Theater" (if I remember the name correctly!) up and running again!!

    So, for all his old friends here at LH, it should be a relief to know that all is well with TiDome, and that he is deeply involved in life, which is his normal way!! Thought many of you would like to hear about this. Take care, and God Bless!

    Every Good Wish,
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    Thanks for the update, I think we all miss him.

    And hope he comes back soon.
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    I have often thought on how they were getting along in their new digs. Thanks for passing along the news, Doc.
    David F
    San Jose

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    Thanks for the update, Doc - really do appreciate it.
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    Good to hear!

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    He always had great projects and post's. I learned a lot from them. Hope he comes back and visits soon.
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