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Thread: What kind of amp do you like?

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    Widget, first world problems using a JC1 for woofers? Geez, I thought I was bad using a Bryston 4BSST2 for subs...

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    i just bought a First Watt J2 to power my 846A horns. currently building a ACA, may use that for horns and move the J2 to woofers... should work nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Mackenzie View Post
    I recently bought a Parasound A21+...

    ..The power is effortless with 160 watts a side on tap...
    That model is 300 watts per channel @ 8ohms. I recently picked up an A 21(sans "+" that's 250 per channel) for running the woofers in a furure 3 way active project.

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