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Thread: Info on new JBL neo drivers?

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    Info on new JBL neo drivers?

    I saw the neo drivers used in the JBL SRX700 series today. They look pretty cool - big neo motors, differential drive, leads through the pole piece instead of the cone (?). Anyway, does anyone know anything about these - data sheets or anything? I think the numbers are 2262, 65, and 68 for the 12, 15, and 18". The 2262 is listed for $450 in the service section, but that's about all I can find besides the big flash presentation for the SRX series.


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    JBL SRX Series

    I asked my buddy at JBL Pro whether he had a chance to demo the SRX line, and in-particular if he'd tastested the SRX712M wedge (stage monitor). Here's the reply...

    Quote Originally Posted by my friend at JBL Pro
    I have heard some of this line. The pot structures are amazing! Very light, extraordinary power handling and excellent quality of sound. I have heard the dual 15 with a horn boxes (SRX725) coupled with the dual 18 boxes (SRX728). They were amazing and this rig was used to fill up half of a football stadium for ceremony/event of some sort. I was not at the stadium but I heard them used lightly in one of warehouse areas (the walls were too close to really spark them up). You could feel them in your bones and the sound quality was extraordinary!

    I don't know what the slopes are but I would guess 12 db per octave. The flatness of the frequency response is akin to a studio monitor (83-18k at +/-3dB) as well as being extremely sensitive. One of the most attractive features is the lightness of the unit compared to the power handling (33 lbs with a continuos program rating of 1600 watts). Truly an amazing piece. I really want to experiment with the 12 inch device in these units. I suspect that in some of my guitar rigs (tubes front and back) that these will work very well and save my back from lugging around the old D series devices that I love so much. Like I said, I have not had the chance to play around yet but the buzz is that these have a similar sound quality to the old AlNiCo V pot structures. I hope my personal findings are the same.

    The crossover frequency is 1.2 kHz.

    I am building a 1000 sq ft performance area in the back of my house. I had picked the speakers that I was going to use. When these were released I really had to rethink my choices. When I am done, these, some of the single 15's with comp. driver and a few of the single 18 subs will be residing in my personal room. I can pretty much choose any of our products that I want and get them for a really nice price. These are my personal choice.

    Thanks, man...

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