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Thread: Reputation Feature Poll

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    Webmaster Don McRitchie's Avatar
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    Reputation Feature Poll

    OK. Here’s the report on what the user reputation feature is all about. The primary function appears to be educating newbies as to which members are considered experts by their peers. A secondary feature is that it helps moderate and increase the utility of the forum by rewarding positive contributions and punishing deleterious behavior. This is accomplished using two measures – reputation points and reputation power. The dinking we played with either increases or decreases each user’s reputation points. As you gain points, you gain power. As you lose points, you lose power. This power can be translated into rewards such as increased permissions. For example, as you gain more power, you could be assigned more PM space or the ability to post larger attachments. Conversely, you can lose posting privileges that vary in scope depending on the depth of negative points you sink into.

    The more power you gain, the more influence your "dinking" has on others. For example, users with average power can only add or subtract 1 point from a user with each dink. Trusted users with the highest power could add or subtract as many as 10 points with each dink. This, and a number of checks and balances, has been put in place to prevent abuse. Only trusted, high reputation member can really influence the reputation of others. To begin with, newbies are not allowed to dink anyone. You have to have at least 100 posts (all such thresholds are editable by me) to be given permission to dink, and then it is at the low level. There is a restriction on the total number of posts per day that a member can dink (currently set at 10) and there is a restriction on the minimum number of other users you dink before you can dink a given user again (currently set at 20).

    Right now, I am agnostic on whether this whole reputation feature is worthwhile and I will leave it to a member vote to determine if it is to be tried here.

    Don McRitchie

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    Senior Señor boputnam's Avatar
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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Don McRitchie
    The more power you gain, the more influence your "dinking" has on others. ... Trusted users with the highest power could add or subtract as many as 10 points with each dink.
    Holyshit. "Let them eat cake..." comes to mind, and the guillotine is at-the-ready.

    Infantile, and reeks of encouraging "Lord of the Flies" murderous cliques and Survivor Island power-trip alliances which overlap, are not exclusive and fraught with deceit.

    Final word from me: If this is enabled, I'm out.

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Why not raise everyones limits to the dinked-up max? Resources don't appear to be a problem.


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    Senior Member alskinner's Avatar
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    I certainly am appreciative of the hard work you and John Nebel put into maintaining one of the best forums on the internet. In my oppinion the reputration feature could stifle the free exchange of ideas. Anyone who reads the forum posts can tell who the reputable experts on this site are. Most of them use facts from published works and scientific data to support their oppinions and conclusions. But you never know someone out of the blue may and has come up with ideas that just work. Although I will accept the decision of the majority I can see the possibility of abuse using this feature.

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    Points and power... IMO such things belong to games...

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    RIP 2010 scott fitlin's Avatar
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    I see how this feature could wind up becoming abused, and also could scare away newbies from posting, if they are made to feel like they dont know enough!

    This forum does have its resident gurus about crossover design, box tuning, and everything else, but we have also been a very open forum in welcoming newbies aboard. I dont see any reason to disturb the balance of " experts " to " enthusiasts " to " beginners " ratio!

    The reputation feature could promote a class system where some are considered Royalty and others are considered farmers, and this would promote an air of snobbiness on the forum! Not a good thing!

    Even though I initially did vote for the reputation feature to be turned on, I understand the points being made, and wish I could change my vote!

    We share a vast amount of knowledge, and skills on this forum, and people come here to learn and like when they do something that works out better than what they could go to the store and buy today! I have been told by younger people that they are amazed at what they got off Ebay ( JBL ) and what to do with it, and that they learn alot from this forum, and thats important.

    Toss the reputation feature, we dont need it!

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    Senior Member GordonW's Avatar
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    Even though I'm one of the people that probably could stand to "gain" by such a system (at least in theory), I don't think it's a good idea. No need to bring "power struggles" into the board. I think that people here can already figure out, pretty quickly, who the people with genuinely good info and expertise are here... they don't need to be "hand-held" or "graded".

    In short, power corrupts, and all that. No need to potentially "concentrate" power...


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    Senior Member andresohc's Avatar
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    I dont believe this would be helpful for the site. Part of the process of transitioning from a newbie to a level of comfort with the site is making those determinations yourself. I think the members do a pretty good job of using humor and tact to diffuse, mediate and correct errant posts (which this forum has very few of). I know the times I have reacted negatively to a post, other members have jumped in to help diffuse or make me feel better about the process with polite and usually sincere offerings. At least now I know what a troll is.
    Why fix what isnt broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boputnam
    Holyshit. "Let them eat cake..." comes to mind, and the guillotine is at-the-ready.

    Infantile, and reeks of encouraging "Lord of the Flies" murderous cliques and Survivor Island power-trip alliances which overlap, are not exclusive and fraught with deceit.

    Final word from me: If this is enabled, I'm out.
    I would prefer you stay and help me dink every post made. I will say the dink fest would be more fun if it had a more dire air about it. The gay little pastel orange dashes for "worst reputation" are... well, gay. If we can't have a "Spawn from Hell" icon that gets uglier and uglier the worse the rep gets can we at least have the lame little dashes a nice, fresh, deep blood red?

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    RIP 2011 Zilch's Avatar
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    Smile O.K., then,

    If 10 dinks = 1 whack,

    I'm a whacker wannabe.

    Apparently, there's more $$$$ in games than videos, anyway.

    May I have another, please?

    Ut, oh, ... will Google find this?

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    Alex Lancaster
    I love all this fussing, flustering and generally f ´ing arround, keep it up, please.

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    Senior Member Guido's Avatar
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    Keep it as it is


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    I never believed in the class system, wars were fought over these things.
    Leave as is.


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    Tom Loizeaux
    I think the "member grade" and number of posts tell a newcomer a bit of who we are. Then there's our profile and, if someone wanted, the ability to read a collection of our posts...the real truth of the quality of our input!


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    Perspective of a newbie

    I'm a textbook newbie. I know a lot about some things, and am quite ignorant of others. Guys like me go to forums to fill in the blanks. It's painfull to sort through all the crap. A rating system would help, particularly if you could sort to highly rated posters. The idea is excellent, and should be applied to 99.9% of forums.

    This forum is not one of them. Quality feedback comes from the most knowledgeable members, and a newbie can sense this immediately - so it's already self policed. Dinking is redundant. This forum has the highest S/N ratio I've experienced, and seems quite receptive to the newbie. The atmosphere here is such that you feel as if you owe the forum something in return, and you better know your shit before you do. Don't fix what ain't broke.

    Let's see...... I wrote this cause I don't want to see bo' leave.... he turned me onto Giskard - who's pro-dink, and fixing me up big time.....gee, I hope my stuff's not in the lake!

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