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I'm not the enemy BMWCCA. I'm just a fan of JBL speakers who, like you, wants to continue enjoying my hobby. It's inaccurate to presume my comments are some sort of referendum, when I'm merely trying to understand the level of interest within the community. It's also wrong to assume that this is an "either/or" proposition. It's an idea of what's possible. That you disagree with my idea is clearly understood.

Apparently, "Forum Feedback" should include a warning: "Say anything you want but do not offer any new ideas."
I didn't say I was against what you propose. I am against turning this community into an activist group whose purpose is to lobby Harman.

You've succeeded in upping your post count by a good factor and so far I think maybe one member has been encouraging in reply. You were implying a form of referendum by asking members what they wanted. So far the support for your ideas hasn't been there. But, to my point, even if it were, this is not your forum or mine. We are guests of the owners and it is their decision to embrace the idea of change, or not. And then there's always the option for you to take your ball to a new playground if you don't get the reception you expected, or wanted.

You gave feedback and you're getting feedback. If you don't like the feedback, well, I'm sorry.