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Thread: RIP John Robert "Joe" Cocker

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    RIP John Robert "Joe" Cocker

    Passed away today after battling lung cancer. For a guy with limited vocal range and musical background he could "emote" and kick out a song better than so many of his contemporaries.

    Probably my favorite of his renditions was with the B. Dylan song "I Shall Be Released". Fitting.

    So long Joe.
    David F
    San Jose

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    Joe crossed his last river...

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    I saw Cocker and the Grease Band live at a festival in June of 1969, before they played at Woodstock (more than a year before the movie came out). I'd never heard of him, or heard any of his records, but the passion of his performance instantly made me a fan. It was absolutely clear that he was feeling the emotion of the music in every fibre of his being while he was singing, and his performance brought this home to everyone in the audience. He was a true original; proof that it takes more than training and skill to communicate - it takes a willingness to connect to the depths of your own soul, and the courage to share whatever you find there with your audience. Compared with this, it's easy to see just how bereft of meaning pop music is today.

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    Back in the '06s, a friend had just recently returned from England who had met Jimmy Page while there. Zeppelin and The Who were scheduled for a concert in St. Louis where I was in high-school and my friend got a letter from Page inviting us backstage for the show. We arrived early and were shown a spot in the wings to watch the show. Zeppelin never showed up. The Who gave a great performance and I left with a piece of Townsend's guitar as a souvenir. When Cocker hit the stage, no one had heard of him but he gave a unique, unusual, and yet spellbinding performance I've never forgotten.

    RIP Joe
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    My favorite Cocker tune is Don't Talk To Me, done live here at 5:40 in '83, (you may recognize some of the guys in the band...)

    And of course You Can Leave Your Hat On and Feelin' Alright.

    The cat was one-of-a-kind .

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    Joe Cocker

    Woodstock w/Joe's opening act.... "With a little help from me Friends"
    set the Woodstock stage for the beautiful show .that it was

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