REMINDER: DIY2004 Speaker Building Meet, Atlanta GA, Saturday Nov. 6

This is your friendly neighborhood SpeakerFixer, reminding you all that this Saturday, Nov. 6, there will be a meet for amateur DIY speaker builders, here in Atlanta GA.

It will be held at the Comfort Inn Doraville, which is located just off the intersection of Interstate 285 (Atlanta perimeter) and Buford Hwy/US23, in northeast Atlanta. We will be getting started early Saturday morning (like 8-9 AM, and in fact, some people will actually be gathering Friday evening, tinkering with stuff in their own hotel rooms!), and the event will go until approximately 8pm Saturday night.

There is no official admission fee; we do ask for donations (usually $5 or so will do it) to help defray the cost of renting the hotel meeting space. There is also usually a "group lunch"... we usually take off to one of several great local BBQ joints to pig out and bench race.

As for what to expect: Last year, we had several horn systems, a bunch of full-range stuff, TWO different design floor-to-ceiling height line array systems, a bunch of "kit built" stuff (like SEAS Thors, etc), a parts swap meet (newer and vintage speaker parts), and an available LEAP/LMS computer speaker measurement system to put your design to the test... this has been quite helpful to many DIY builders, as there are usually a number of "old hands" there that can usually make suggestions and recommendations to solve response problems on the spot (for example, we had one system with a BIG "suck-out" in the midrange... told the guy to reverse tweeter polarity, and VOILA- instant fix! Sounded much better!)...

If last year is any indication, we are expecting in excess of THIRTY different designs... so it's a very varied and colorful lot, with some real craftmanship here and there!

Any questions, feel free to email or PM me, or check out the DIY2004 Atlanta website:

So, hope to see a bunch of you there!

Co-Organizer, DIY2004 Atlanta.