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Thread: Help with crossover design - 2226 & 2446

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    Help with crossover design - 2226 & 2446

    Can anyone point to a good reference, or help with a passive crossover design for a 2-way with 2226J and 2446J drivers? I can do single or dual 2226 (so can present either a 16 or 8 ohm load). Would like to cross about 800, probably third or fourth order. Will be using 2385a horns. Thanks in advance!

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    jbl crossover

    I would try to see if you could find out if JBL used the 2226 & 2446 in a cabinet together if they do find the model number contact JBL find out the crossover's part number and buy those crossovers. If you cant find a factory crossover for those drivers i would Bi amp and use a active crossover.

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