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Thread: JBL L 36 Owners.

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    JBL L 36 Owners.

    What are you driving your L 36's with?

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    Dunno about how much difference the 3-way L-36 would have...

    ... but I can say this: Running the L26 (the 2-way) from a bone-stock Dynaco PAS-3 and Stereo 70, was one of those synergistic magical things (ie, like all ths planets and stars line up, and all that kinda thing ), that can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and cause you to unwittingly waste an entire afternoon just listening. WOW...


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    Paul Joppa

    OK, don't laugh ...

    ... the first SET amp I built was a "spud" (a one-tuber, get it? ha ha!) using 5842 tubes. Maybe 0.75 watt with a tailwind. My "home theater" is a 20" television in a tiny room, with that amp driving the L36's. It works great! :^)

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    Heathkit AA-32, tube, push pull 8 watts.

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    Hrm, it appears that L26s and L36s have some sort of affinity for small glowing glass bottles...


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