I'm looking into building new crossovers for my A7's in home/hifi use. Currently they are configured with 416A LF drivers, 802C CDs, 511B horns and N800D dividing networks. The consensus is the midbass horn is usable up to about 1K and the 511 will go down to 800hz, so I want to keep the crossover point around 800-900 cycles. I've considered a couple options so far:

1) Build Zilch's 'Z19' network using a lower crossover frequency and changing component values for use with 16 ohm drivers. My problem with this is I'm familiar only with basic crossover design and I don't know how to approach tweaking the highpass section with its added complexity, but I like the idea of having mid/high shelving controls.

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2) Clone the N800D using modern high quality components, replacing the multi-tap resistor in the HF output with an adjustable l-pad.

Any thoughts?

Generally, what type of filter (Butterworth, L-R...) would be best suited for the A7?