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Thread: New Diaphraghm for JBL 2405H

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    New Diaphraghm for JBL 2405H

    Hello Guys,

    I have a pair of 2405H tweeters. I want to make them sound like new. This is done by changing the diaphragms. The problem is I cannot find the original JBL parts. Can original JBL diaphragms be found for these? Otherwise, what is the best substitution?

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    This is serious problem these days. JBL discontinued d16r2405. Maybe someone on forum can sell you these or you can try your look for aftermarket parts. From time to time you can find original parts on ebay or other auction sites for reasonable price. I can see on ebay that many aftermarket parts are not using Al but Ti or some other material. At least that looks from color from pictures. looks like Al but this is not covered by any proof. You can try but I am not too optimistic.


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