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Thread: 3105 Network question

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    3105 Network question

    Hello to all,

    I`m on the way to build a clone of my blue ugly speakers which you can see in my avatar.
    It`s long ago that I build these tops, but it is already one of my preferred system if I want to enjoy crispy clear and also very loud music...
    As I have still a pair of 2344 plus drivers, some 2405 and what is needed to build an additional pair. I picked up some MPA 1100 some days ago and now my idea is to exhaust this amps with a second pair of my setup.
    My problem at the moment is that I used a pair of 3105 network for the high frequency part for cut off the 2426/2405 or 2404.
    My first choice would be an identical setup including this old 3105 network before I build a DYI one.
    Does anybody has an idea where I could get a pair or maybe somebody has it left?

    16 Hz can not be substituted

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    3105 Network

    I do not have this network, but it should be easy to build.
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