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Thread: JBL recone kits made in Mexico

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    few years ago, just at the beginning of the Mexico adventure, i had the opportunity to choose between 2 pairs of C8R2235 conekits, one from Northridge and the other from new Mexico plant, and finally the winner of that day was ... Mexico

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth View Post
    I´m using and selling these recone kits (around 145 pairs ) Made in Mexico, My qualification:

    Appearance:........... Excellent.
    Performance:.......... Excellent.
    Durability: ..............Excellent.
    Sound:......................Loud and Clear ( like a Angel )
    Complaints of customers (Europeans & Japaneses ).........Not any.
    Gratefulness of customers.........Many, many, many (Mainly French)
    Bad Reviews........This forum only

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
    The thing is that these bad reviews are backed up with pics as you can see it. We are all here because we appreciate JBL equipment but things like this couldn't have happened few years ago. Or not so often at least.

    Anyway, i hope that contacting JBL will solve the problem.

    Happy new year to you to tovarish

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    JBL , as I expected, confirmed to me that they are very serious company. They approved replacement kit and I expect to have it soon. My advice for them would be to do improvement in process of quality control for spare kits. Generally I bought many recone kits and only this one was bad. At the end it seems I did not have luck with particular one.

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