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Thread: Keeping fan noise down - Crown 802 XLS power amps

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    Keeping fan noise down - Crown 802 XLS power amps

    I have a couple of these in the garage now and they are enjoyable but the fan noise is HUGE!

    They will run without the fans on but if you drive them a bit they shut down after they get warm. I tried a pair of computer fans instead and they are quiet but they don't draw enough air to keep them cool when they are driven past moderate levels.

    I saw a pair of these amps in a club a few weeks back and they were mounted in 19" wide cab that was covered in thick shag carpet. I was wondering if this is would cut the factory fan noise enough...

    These are not expensive amps but I just wonder why Crown designed these with fans that are incredibly loud.


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    Probably something to do with keeping them cheap -and- somewhat reliable for pro installations that could give a flying ... leap about fan noise
    while pounding near their output capability for hours per day.

    Trade-offs include things like power supply and output stage types (think K1/2 series) and massive ($$$$) heatsinks for anything near continuous output at high duty-cycles. Typical home use is nowhere as demanding.

    Horses for courses.

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    You could try install a 100ohm resistor:

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldrick View Post
    You could try install a 100ohm resistor:
    Yep, that trick works well for home use. I ended up with a 300 ohm resistor in series with the fan on my RMX850. The main thing to watch out for is that the fan may not start if you go too crazy with bigger value resistors.
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