Hi all,

I am very interested in researching the best solution for my 2 channel system to fill in the bottom end. I have a pair of Living voice Tone Scouts that are all over by 50Hz, sound amazingly dynamic and can fool you into thinking they do every note at the bottom end, but they miss that bottom octave or perhaps 2. I bought the first pair from Kevin Scott of definitive Audio and have sought Kevin's advice. In short he is not a fan of anything available in the domestic/AV world and his solution with his latest horns (The Vox Olympian) is very large horn loaded subs, he did say that he had very good results with efficient big JBL cinema subs and solid state amplification.

I run a valve preamp and a 211 SET power amp, so my current thinking is one JBL 4642A and possibly a crown DSi 2000, as this covers EQ and the X-over. I have also considered a Marchand MB42 unit http://www.marchandelec.com/mb42.html or use a Marchand x-over and alternative power amplification (perhaps a secondhand gutsy Bryston). My horns are 104 db/W and the range of low end is likely to be 20 to between 50 and 90, no clue on the slope.

Any ideas as I'm moving house I cant give room dimensions, but hopefully reasonable UK size, likely to be an old Goegrian/victorian house with tallish ceilings. Any thoughts greatly appreciated