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Thread: T.A.D. 2001 Driver - Unusual Configuration

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    Sorry to revive an old thread. But I'm curious if anyone has found a suitable replacement diaphragm that fits into these PD-801 drivers.

    I have a pair that need diaphragms.

    My pair have two centering pins along with the three screw holes for the screws that hold the diaphragm down. My guess is that I could simply pull those pins and the TD-2001 (or aftermarket) diaphragm would fit into the PD-801 (centering by ear in that case).

    I notice in the pictures of the PD-801 shown in the thread, those centering pins are missing. So I'll bet that's what the prior owner did.

    Thanks for any information you would have on how to revive these early PD-801 TD-2001 drivers would be appreciated.

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    Hi Jeffsplatt88,

    have you find an answer? A friend has some of the same bodies. Would Truextent or Radian make a compatible diaphragm?

    Kindest regards,


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