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Thread: JBL 4520 vs 4560 for hifi use?

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    JBL 4520 vs 4560 for hifi use?

    hello!!! i got a real dillema and i wish that u can help me!... i got a pair of 4520 with k140 and E130 drivers. I have the oportunity to buy 4 2225 drivers (broken lead wires) plus 2 2421 (one driver got 8 ohm diaphragm and the other 16) with jbl lenses. with the same money i can buy a pair of jbl 4560 with drivers (i have no idea if the drivers are jbl or in what condition they are). And im asking u! what do u believe is better!? to make my 4520 like original or to buy the 4560 and put in them my k140 drivers?? which of these 2 type cabinets are better for hifi usage??? thanks!

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    I think K140 and 4520 should mate good together. I would go that way and put some horn on the top. Nick has some ideas about the 4520


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    I believe that the better choice is to get 4 2225 for you 4520. Then you can use your e130 in mid horns, but not the 4560 they are too short.

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    Both the k140 and the 2225 are drivers listed for use in the 4520.

    4560 doesn't go very low I think. Wouldn't be very useful by themself. I bet they would work well on top of the 4520 .

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    Hello retro soulman, I have here and used both the 4560's and 4520's. In a home although their are big the 4520's are your best choice. The 4560's being a front loaded short horn has about a 6db boost from 200hz and up. Does not go as low as the 4520's either. Horns that were used on my 4520's were the 2'' versions 2397's 2360's and 2309/2310

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    4520 of course!

    My avatar: 4520 loaded with 2225H on E140 frames,
    1x B&C 12PE32 on custom front loaded horn, 2x 2426 on 2370.

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