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it sounds best with the original jbl urei cards in either the 5234 or 5235 crossovers. After market crossovers will do too , I’ve tried Behringer and dbx , but it doesn’t sound as good.
Update.... I was able to get a 5234a with the correct crossover cards. It worked well, no pops. I then played with many different amps to get the bass moving. The sound came out and it was LARGE. The 5234 seemed moody not sure how to explain, sound was different t on Tuesday compared to last Sunday...?

I decided to make some changes and am now more satisfied with the following setup.

JBL 4350B installed
12" above floor, 5' apart, few inches off the wall.

Biamp speaker wire Belden 9497

2x McIntosh MC7270 amps,
1 for low, 1 for High

Sublime K231 active crossover with 250hz cards

McIntosh C2700

My old Technic Sl1200mk2 (upgraded with Zu Audio phono interconnect, Stanton 680EL) has never sounded so BIG.