Last year I bought one for $200 off amazon. Best thing ever, sounded great, minimum distortion, got loud, deep bass, convenient with D battery option, iphone dock, etc....

Only problem I recently had was, the I wasnt able to play music off my iphone when it was docked anymore, this was likely due to the new operating system update of 6.1, which is a shame that it renders the product incompatible in that way. I could still use the AUX input but, still a shame.

Anyway, I lost/had the boombox stolen and when I went to purchase a new one, the price is now $400. WTF!? And it seems, like other vendors have stopped selling them as everywhere I check, the item is discontinued. Did they stop making that awesome boombox?

Questions: Does anyone know of a comparable boombox? Is Altec Lansing going to be making any newer/comparable models in the same $200 range?