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Thread: 15" RCF drivers made under license from JBL?

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    15" RCF drivers made under license from JBL?

    My apologies if this has been covered already (I tried a search), but did RCF actually build drivers under license from JBL in the 70:s as claimed here

    In any case, the old RCF:s with AlNiCo motors look very JBL:ish:

    .Name:  RCF_L15P100A.jpg
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Size:  41.4 KBName:  RCF_L15P100A_p1.2.jpg
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    Also there was a very 811B:ish horn (here in an RCF-equipped Simms-Watts H.100 from about 1972):

    Name:  H100_p1.1.jpg
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    Nice pics of RCF L15P/100A vs JBL D130 here:

    Deux beaux HP

    Name:  JBL_vs_RCF.jpg
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