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Thread: Olympus frequency response

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    Olympus frequency response

    I finally got a pair of Olympus's (and matching Delphi cabinet with mac gear). Unfortunately they are the C50 S7R and not the highly desired S8's.
    While listening to them using MC gear I felt they were very bright and lacking a little low end punch. I also have a pair of Dorian's which sound much better on the low end and not as metallicy sounding.

    Being the nerd I am I got the mic and sound card out and did some frequency measurements (below). What I noticed is a somewhat flat bass response until around 300Hz where there is a 10dB loss. Is this expected? My guess is that the original Lansalloy is a little rigid and not letting the woofer move at the higher frequencies, but I could be wrong.

    Is this is the expected frequency response for these speakers or is there some improvement I can do to improve this?

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    Search DOT 3... brake fluid, your old stiff surrounds will definitely limit the low frequency response, not sure about the upper bass. Replacing or treating the surrounds will definitely improve the overall sound though.

    That midrange suck out my be as originally designed.


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