"Yes they are OEM JBLs. In the early days (through the 60s actually), JBL made speakers under various OEM arrangements. They made them for Ampex, DuKane, Heath, and probably others. These drivers are identical to stock JBLs with different paint schemes and labels. "

--Zilche's recent post about the oddball Boliviar JBL imitations got me thinking about compiling a list of companys that JBL has made drivers for in the past.
Such a list might be useful for someone searching Ebay or other auction sites for drivers that are JBL in every aspect except paint and a foilcal.
Below is what I've picked up from this forum and Ebay recently:
Perhaps some of you senior, ex-JBL employees can add to the list:

DukDuKane (5A350 driver or JBL Pro 2410)

Heathkit (D123 woofer)

Lansing by Ampex
Jim Lansing by Ampex (Model 150-4 32 Ohm Woofers: RARE MINT PAIR: Consecutive Serial Numbers)

Wilson Audio, Provo Utah, JBL built 18" XS Woofers: