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Thread: New crossovers for paragon

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    Cool New crossovers for paragon

    I am looking for suggestions on building new xovers for my paragon. Originally I was just going to use bypass capacitors in the originals, but the waxy substance in the lx5s is a mess. I am planning on using the tapped autotransformers from one of my spare sets of LX5s (i have a plethora of them). I would like your opinions on which air core inductors and high quality capacitors to buy. There is only 1 large inductor in the LX5 and 2 smaller ones in the N7000. The use of charged coupling is of interest, but don't know how to implement it. I will leave the originals as is. Also if anyone is interested in making them, I am willing to pay for the service. Thanks!
    Stephen C.

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    You are sure to get a reponse from Giskard (and others...), but you might pm to Mike Caldwell - he's certainly not a novice on this vintage of crossover, either.

    Good luck!

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Hello Stephan

    Take a look at the Charge Coupled thread. It should help you out as far as how to do it. Giskard has beat me to the draw on these and completed his. Do a search and Charge Coupled will be in a couple of other threads


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