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Thread: JBL Driver FRD/ZMA data files

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    JBL Driver FRD/ZMA data files

    Hi all,

    I'm experimenting with a downloaded free program called Virtuix CAD, and using it to design a 2 way crossover.

    The LF Driver will be a JBL 2206H and the HF Driver will be a JBL 2426J with a JBL 2370A Horn Flare. (All vintage components)

    To use this program, the frequency response and impedance data files called FRD/ZMA files of the drivers need to be imported into the program.

    There are graph generating applications available to create these files from the JBL driver brochures etc., but if anyone has already created these files, it would be very helpful if I could obtain them.

    I am also interested in the same for the JBL 2226H Driver.

    I would like to ask if anyone out there has any info on this matter and if so could they please help me?

    Thank you.


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    What you need is a measurement kit that produces this kind of data

    Jbl publish curves but you cannot crest the data from that.

    Where are you located in Australia?

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