Hi folks,

I bought a K120 which was previously repaired with the wrong kit. I got a kit from soundspeakerrepair and asked a local tech to put it on. The sound now is one of the best that I heard, but I don't have an original JBL to compare with (recording of it on a drri: http://www.bandabr61.com.br/audio/SOM JBLk120.mp3 , what do you think? )

The problem that I got it's the volume of the speaker. K120's are suposed to be one of the loudest speakers around. I have some speakers (Jensen C12k, WGS G12C, Eminence 1258) and all of then sound much louder than the reconed K120.

Based on what I learned with you guys probably the magnet needs a charge, is it correct? How much of the volume could be lost due to this ?