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Thread: Soundcraftsmen, same as the Hafler?

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    If you will, please.

    Originally posted by Ski
    I haven't sent the schematics yet. Do you still need them?
    I'm interested in seeing the voltage regulation circuitry. I'll PM you my address for the schematics.

    Google shows some threads with folks wanting the owner's manual. You may be able to make some deals there. Just put in the make and model.

    Much appreciated.

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    Originally posted by Ski
    I haven't sent the schematics yet. Do you still need them? I also just snagged a copy of the owner's manual off of ebay. It wasn't very impressive but it's nice to have.
    Absolutely, if your are still willing to send them. No telling what else may crop up. Besides I really, really want to learn how to fix these things. This would be as good a place to start as any.

    Thanks again.

    It'd be good if you posted here what value capacitors you finally obtained for the Haflers, where you got them, and how much they cost.

    Here is a link to the part. They seem to be of good quality and they were exactly the same value and size as the Hafler caps. So far, so good.

    I'm still looking for the right caps for the Soundcraftsman. These made it work but they are too tall to fit in the case.

    Blessings, Terry

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