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Thread: Living in the Material World - FILM

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    Living in the Material World - FILM

    I'm not a big fan of Martin Scorsese and I thought the editing was a mash-up, but "Living in the Material World" was surely worth the time.


    George Harrison first became known to the world as "The Quiet Beatle" of the Fab Four, but there was far more to his life than simply being a part of The Beatles.
    This film explores the life and career of this seminal musician, philanthropist, film producer and amateur race car driver who grew to make his own mark on the world.
    Through his music, archival footage and the memories of friends and family, Harrison's deep spirituality and humanity are explored in his singular life as he took on artistic challenges and important causes as only he could.

    Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

    Rare George Harrison/Beatles footage although the film ran rather long ( 2 DVDs). Sound was first rate.

    To me, GH has been the most interesting of the Fab Four and he showed his depth in many of the interviews. (Phil Spector and Eric Claption seemed shallow in comparison).
    Heck , even Patti and Dhani Harrison seemed deep next to EC & PS.

    Although PM & JL rather ignored GH, he came into his own with song writing after the band was established. In retrospect , George's song writing seems to have a more timeless , lasting quality. I find many of my most enjoyed tunes were Georges. (Something , Beware of Darkness, While My Guitar Gently Weeps ,Here comes the Sun, Only a Northern Song, My Sweet Lord ..etc.

    George was a gracious, gentle person and lead by example. When he believed in something, he went in with both feet. When EMI pulled the funding for Python's "Life of Brian" , GH
    stepped in to fund it (by mortgaging his home)

    With all the great music, it was somewhat a letdown when he and Billy Preston butchered some of the "All Things Must Pass" songs in MGS on the Dark Horse tour.

    In the end, it was Jackie Stewart (yes, the F1 driving great) who delivered the most emotional tribute.

    Good for at least 1 viewing , more may not be needed.
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    so naturally after the big GH DVD , got to looking at some of George's later offerings ....despite some catchy tunes, he mostly started a long musical decline.

    Of course "All Tings Must Pass" and "The Traveling Wilburies" were the exceptions. Got to wondering about how the TW's got their name and then found this on Wiki ......

    "Wilbury" was a slang term first used by Harrison during the recording of Cloud Nine with Jeff Lynne. Referring to recording errors created by some faulty equipment, Harrison jokingly remarked to Lynne, "We'll bury 'em in the mix". Thereafter, they used the term for any small error in performance and the term was used again when the group were together. Harrison suggested "The Trembling Wilburys" as the group's name; instead, Lynne suggested "Traveling", with which the group agreed.
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    My favorite bit from this film biography as recalled by producer George Martin about the early moments of his work with the Beatles:

    George Martin: "We've been working on some things, so why don't we show you what we've got, and if there's anything you don't like you can just tell us."
    George Harrison: "Well,I don't like that tie, for a start."

    For me, the solo careers of the ex-Beatles showed nothing as well as it showed why they were better as a band.
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