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    The M9500 Thread

    Dear Forum Members,
    as you may know I'm a JBL maniac in the last and most serious phase of the disease :-)
    Although my 4313B and my 4435 are still into cabinet production while the drivers are waiting on the shelve it came to my mind that the M9500 would be a nice thing to play with.
    Call me crazy and you are right. For those who think I have enough of this JBL stuff I can only state that I'll never have enough of this gorgeous stuff :-)

    To buy a pair of M9500 is almost impossible what we all know. To build them should be possible. A lot of information is digged inside this forum and I want to dig it out and expand it here in this thread. I hope for your input as many things are still unclear.

    The network schematic is available somewhere here in the forum
    It should be no problem for an advanced DIY to copy them

    Missing information network
    DCR of 3,0/1,5/1,0/4,2/0,6 mH inductors
    Type PP or PS of the bypass caps

    The cabinet information is digged in the user manual which is available somewhere here in the forum
    Upper LF enclosure 78l, 35 Hz tuning (2,8 cuft)
    Lower LF enclosure 115l, 28 Hz tuning (4,1 cuft)

    Missing information cabinet
    Port size and duct (could be calculated but one should better stay original)
    Dimension of cabinets and position of drivers and ports (this could be calculated from pictures)

    Components / Drivers
    So this is the most tedious part of the game. Collecting the transducers. But maybe it is not that difficult?

    Somewhere here I remember a thread (couldn't find) that is quoting GT saying that the only significant difference between 1400Pro and 1400ND is that the Pro version uses a cloth surround where the ND version uses a foam surround. There are a lot of 1400pro's out there right?
    Reverse said this means one can use
    1) an 1400Pro and resurround it with foam surrounds to get a 1400ND
    2) an 1400Pro and recone it as 1400ND to get a 1400ND

    Well there are some threads dealing with the 475ND and 2450 / 2451 similarities and Giskard recently announced a comparison sheet. Of course the 2450 is not the same drivers but I'm convinced that the 2450 with the 2450-SL (coated dia with ribs?) or 2450SL-A (coated dia w/o ribs?) can be used as substitude for the 475ND. Especially here some more input is needed.

    Again the Horn. Here I see only one chance. The horn need to be purchased from JBL. If it is not available one would need very good connections inside JBL to obtain the CNC data. I've no clue if this is possible. Here we especially will need Giskard or Don.

    Missing information components / drivers
    Availability/price of the 1400ND
    Availability/price of the C8R1400ND
    Foam dimension (this can be discussed with Rick Cobb as soon as one inspects the according dimensions of the 1400 cone and basket)
    Availability/price of the 475ND
    Availability/price of the D8R475ND
    Compatibility of 2450SL, 2450SL-A, 475ND
    Availability/price of the H9500

    What did I forget?
    What input can you give?
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