And not much of a clue as to where to begin. Recently stumbled upon them in my parent's garage and thought restoring these would be a fun DIY home project.

Pretty sure the "Lansalloy" needs to be replaced/refoamed, but unsure what to replace it with. I checked out the sticky on refoaming and it seems pretty straightforward but just wanted to get suggestions on the kit to use.

I'm assuming I want to retain the drivers/crossover, but one of the cones seems to have mild damage on it. They're in working condition, but they don't sound as clean as I'd like them to.

Also, curious if I can do anything to the crossover in order to "clean" it up, like replacing capacitors.

And then there's the tweeters. I've read that the tweeters on these are just OK and that better ones can be installed. Thoughts? I'd like to retain the original speakers as much as possible, but I'm not going to shy away from the opportunity to improve on sound.