Dear Community,

after arriving back from a 2,5 years business I'll have time to rejoin my hobbies as well. In general I am satisfies with some of my historic devices As I am new here some introduction what I developed in the past. As I mentioned it's some years ago and I am actually prepare a windows pc to install clio for measurement and treeing to adapt old knowledge to get back on track for measurement sessions.

My actual speaker configuration:

Front Left & Right:

Sub: Isophon PSL 385/400 300/400 Watt
Sensitivity: 96 dB
fs: 20Hz
Frequency Range: 16-5000 Hz
VAS 400 Liter
Qes 0,16
Qms 5,57
Qts 0,16
Size: 385 mm
Depth 135 mm

Midr.: 1 x 10" McCauley 1080
Sensitivity: 99,5 dB
fs: 87,5Hz
Frequency Range: 600-3000 Hz
VAS 17,3 Liter
Qes 0,20
Qms 3,49
Qts 0,19
Size: 225 mm
Depth 95 mm

High: TAD TD 4001 (Beryllium diaphragm) with wooden horn (diameter = 460 mm)
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Center: 2 x JBL 12" E120
Sensitivity: 103 dB
fs: 60Hz
Frequency Range: 50-6000 Hz
VAS 80 Liter
Qes 0,19
Qms 1,8
Qts 0,17
Size: 300 mm
Depth 115 mm

1 x JBL 2" 2441 Compression Driver (Beryllium diaphragm) on a Radial Horn H220 (Fostex clone)

2 Subwoofers with JBL 2242H 18" each

RL/RR + SBR/SBR are Klipsch-650THX

Additional on my private stock is:

6 x 1 x 10" McCauley 1080
1 x JBL 2" 2441 Compression Driver (Beryllium diaphragm)
4 x JBL 1" 2420 Compression Driver

All speakers are active speakers which will be controlled by 3 BSS Minidrives FDS-336T. Lexicom MC12 Live is used as Pre-Amp with 2 x LX7 Amps. for FR/FL, Center and RL/RR + SBR/SBR. The Amp. Source for the 2 JBL Subwoofers is a Luxman M03.

Ok, coming to the point. I want to rework my cabinets of front speakers which are burden of my past :-) and perhaps take the opportunity to enhance the quality a bit. In general the cabinets form of the DD6600 would fit for my visual expectations with my Tractrical horn which is heavy ca. 45kg. The goal is that I will not loos my 2 babies :-)

Here my questions:
1. What do you think about the components, partly historical?
2. How can I optimize it? -> some ideas?
3. Should I keep the active speakers or should I switch on passive?
4. Does someone of you knows owns some special knowledge or have some ideas how to integrate something like this with an interesting optic?

I believe, it could be a interesting discussion started here. What I read here in this forums threads is very, very professional and a lots of great ideas are here as well. I will post more pics soon if your interested.

Many thanks in advance