When i was a 13 year old, i bought a set of the JBL 4311B monitors, which i grew fond of. I bought them with blown mid-ranges and tweeters. Over the years i've reconed their tweeters and their mid-ranges, and restored their cabinets.

At a certain point (i was 19) i needed money for my study, so i needed to sell them. Some time ago i've bought a set of 4312A's, with damaged cabinets, i'm currently rebuilding them from ground-up using mahogany fineer and blue HPL from abet laminati in this color; (it's the best match i could find in respect to the JBL blue color) one thing i'm going to change though, is their orientation. I liked the decal/L-pads on the bottom better, just like the 4311's
This is the color of HPL as used on the front and rear-panel;

I'll get some pics of the enclosures later.

A few questions though; The 4312A monitors use an L for the reflex-port, as well as glass-wool dampening. Mine use a 70mm rain-drain type of thing, but it seems to be shorter than the once i know from other 4312's and the 4311's. They seem to be cheaper made, for some odd reason. Using particle-board for the front-panel, as well as particle-board for the filter-board. their wadding is polyester wool, instead of the glass-wool.

Since these reflex-ports seem to be shorter than some of the other 4312's i'd like to know what their original tuning-frequency was?
Any help is greatly appreciated!