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Thread: jbl c60 sr8 keep the 375 mid or use a le85..

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    jbl c60 sr8 keep the 375 mid or use a le85..

    Hey Guys.
    My name is Zack and i am from Palm Coast Florida. I have been reading you post for quite some time and now i could use some help.

    I recently acquired a set of real clean JBL c-60 sovregine sr8 speakers from a craigslist add, for get this $300.00 .. And they have the 375 mid driver in them. Now my thing is getting them to sound as they were ment to be. I know the caps in the crossovers are dry/gone and need rebuilt. The mid heighs are ear persing loud. I may try and bi amp them a tube amp on the mids and heighs and a ss amp for the big 15'S and use an active crossover to adjust all. Cutting out the factory crossovers.

    My question among many is to keep them 375's or replace them with LE85's .. The price value of the 375's is super heigh while the le-85 not so much. Will i regreat selleng them 375's forever , or is the LE85 a close second.

    Will i have to change the crossover points or can i just switch out the 375's with the le85's? Using the factory crossovers untill i can get the whole system up to par.

    I would love to hear from anybody that is familiar with this speaker system.
    Thanks for your help..

    Thanks Zack

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    First: Congratulations on a score of a lifetime!

    Second: Welcome to the forum.

    ...and now my 2 cents.

    The 375 is a significant step up over the LE85. Not speaker wire better. Not CD player better. Not even preamp/power amp better, but significantly better. That said, if your 375s are super clean looking with red wax seals etc., then they are worth a lot of cash. If I was going to sell them, then I would sell off all the bits, perhaps installed in the enclosures unless you love the look of the Sovereigns and want to keep the cabinets, but I would sell it all off all the drivers and start over. Alternatively I might sell off everything but the 375s.

    Are you DIY oriented? Messing about with raw drivers is fun and rewarding, but it takes a fair amount of time and effort and if you want something that reaches the full potential of the 375s, you need to really know your stuff... or at least follow the instructions of those who do and have gone before you. There is much here to read as you know.

    Good luck and have fun!


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    I'm with Widget on this one: keep it all or sell it all.

    Upgrade paths:
    1) Bypass all caps with small ones. You must either select one of the positions on the LX5 and hard-wire it or change the switch. On the N7000 you will have to either change the l-pad or replace with fixed resistors at selected attenuation.
    2) All new networks - active and / or passive combination.


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    Name:  IMG_3147.jpg
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Size:  60.6 KBHey guys thanks for the info. Ok they will not be going anywere anytime soon.

    I know just enough to get myself in trouble , when it comes to DIY. But i think i am a quick learner. Figured the easyist way for me to go woud be an active crossover so i do not have to build anything.

    Yes all drivers were mint clean with the red wax seals in place, the woofers needed refoamed but i have done a few of them and that was no problem.

    I dont mind the old school cabinets kinda like them..

    How much power do you think it will take to get them to sound right?

    I will try and attach some pictures.
    Thanks again Zack

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    C60 missing lens assembly

    The C60 cabinet in the picture is missing the lens assembly. These turn up on eBay either original or in copies. All the ones I've seen are plastic.

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