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Thread: How to Donate to forum without PayPal

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    How to Donate to forum without PayPal

    Of course, you can Donate to the forum by clicking the green "Donate" link in the grey quick-links menu above.
    That takes you to a page titled:
    Donate To Support Lansing Heritage Forums Using PayPal

    I got an email recently from a forum member asking how they could donate to the forum if they didn't have Paypal and never plan to have it.

    Can they send a Money order to someone?

    Any other strategies?
    They would really like to give something back to the site ...
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    If you don't have a paypal account you can still pay with paypal using your credit card, without registering

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    Unless you reach their VERY DUMB verification-required limit. Then they force you to link a DDA. I really am becoming annoyed with their tactics.

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