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Thread: ... Teenagers and College Students May Prefer Accurate Sound Reproduction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnes View Post

    On that account I shall bring up my friend's reaction to the discovery of how his favorite dubstep/chillstep tracks sound on hifi equipment. I could literally not move him away from the stereo for two straight hours. Even then the only motivation to make him move away was with chicks and booze. I too was impressed with the sound mostly by the low f punches - he on the other hand never yet heard such clear and neutral hi's mid's and also appreciated the lows that for the first time in his experience weren't boomy/mushy.

    Everyone who encounters quality stereo for the first time really enjoys and appreciates it. The reason they don't have it at home is because of being brainwashed by 20 years of marketing resulting in degradation of their requirements reinforced by lower and lower quality equipment marketed as the new real deal.
    Dubstep, chicks, and booze, eh? In my day it was sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. Not all that different.

    Dubstep (and derivative brostep) is big here in LA these days. There's a show in Chinatown on Monday night.

    "Lower and lower quality equipment marketed as the real deal" is not a new affliction for music appreciation. Since way before my time (think centuries, not decades) there's always been someone who made a cheaper version of a product and marketed it as better. In the 60s and early 70s when I was in college, my JBL L100s were far and away the best loudspeakers of anyone I knew, and my Kenwood receiver and Dual turntable made everyone else's equipment look like toys. I can recall brands like Electrophonic selling tons of cheap gear and even once-respected brands like Zenith, Magnavox, and RCA flooding the market with gimmicky, awful sounding stuff to capture high school, college, and young adult music lovers. This mass market approach sold many more units than the real hi-fi units of the day, but little if any of it is remembered, while the great equipment of that time still has value and usefulness.

    I think the same will be true today.

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    I guess Steve Guttenberg described it perfectly well in his article Who wants perfectly accurate sound? I simply listen to the The Absolute Cloud using my Audio Aggravator. Btw, any pdf copy of Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP by Mitch Barnett here?
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    They may prefer it but they aren't buying it. Millenials are the portable generation and don't seem to have any interest in home audio at all around these parts. I can count the serious audiophiles here on one hand. Not kidding. We're dying off like flies and the gear is being sold cheap or given away by the kids. 99% have no idea what stuff even is... let alone any value.
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    In a world where you don’t buy or collect music, why would you want to encumber yourself with a pile of bulky heavy boxes to playback the music you stream? You watch movies on a tablet and listen to music via headphones or a powered streaming player.

    The shrinking interest in our hobby isn’t unique, who collects stamps, who builds model railroads, who buys antiques, and on and on... old gray haired folks are still interested in these things, but very few folks under 40 are. In my part of the world, most 20-30 somethings are no longer even interested in cars. They would rather Uber and spend their money on “experiences” and not things.


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    Hi hatrack and Widget,


    Never really stopped to think about this, doing it now while reading posts, but it does seem like good accounts of new reality 101. Sad but true, except for the car/Uber thing here up to now.

    Checking that talk vs our 28 year old daughter and her husband, the hat seems to fit. 3-4 years ago we bought them a new small stereo system for their first appartment. Within six months the gear was back in boxes in the locker, to make space in the living room for the X-Box, Play Station or some other Nitendo gadget...

    Kept asking now and then where's the audio? No space its stored. Definitely not a priority for them having their portable audio gadget. And the CD player on the system probably never been used since there's a connection where a smart phone can be plugged...

    In their new appartment recently, the audio stuff resurfaced on top of some furniture. I assume only because she does the X-Mas family gathering this year, lol. After the Holidays I'd bet the gear will be back in box in the locker...

    On the other hand they do like some of the older 70's or 80's music that plays here when they come home: what's this song? who does it? Then enters the info in her phone, probably to get it later from streaming...

    She's quite stunned looking at LP records and a turntable playing them, from the prehistoric icing age... What they know is basically MP3 sound, and pretty much don't bother about the rest.

    Well I don't have a smart phone and not missing at all being a slave to this like so many I see, then I guess I'm still part of the dinosaurs... Regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    In my part of the world, most 20-30 somethings are no longer even interested in cars. They would rather Uber and spend their money on “experiences” and not things.

    Had never really thought abt the situation as described. Cannot argue and think I agree.

    Have recently thought of their “experiences” as opportunities for selfies to upload to social media to show (artificially) what a great life you've made of things.

    Maybe that's a good thing. As a life-long photographer, I have many images of me (selfies ?) that show situations , experiences & locations that have faded from memory and are refreshed by the pics. Some, maybe better off ..forgotten ?
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