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Thread: Newly acquired L16's

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    Newly acquired L16's

    So I just found these 3 days ago. They needed surrounds but a friend had them on hand.

    I picked the woofers up earlier today and I just can't believe how GOOD this little 2 way sounds.
    I have owned L26 and 36 in the past and I am not sure if it's just that it has been so long since
    I listened to them, but I think I like these more. Super tight bass.

    Cabs look alright but will need a good oiling. Grills are faded but no breaks.

    Very pleased with my $10.00 total investment.

    Crossover upgrades???

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    Nice find, its amazing what deals people run across. There are a lot of 2 ways that sound great. At least they are not Kabuki Speakers. Enjoy them!
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