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Thread: 4312 Questions

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    4312 Questions


    I am going to listen and possibly purchase a pair of 4312's this weekend. Cabinets and drivers are in excellent condition. Grills are missing, non-consecutive serial numbers, and slight variation in colors.

    Is $500 a decent price??

    Can someone please tell me what 3 factory drivers should be in these speakers(Model 4312).
    Also, is there a big difference between all the 4312 models(i.e. 4312a, 4312b, 4312c, etc...)??

    Thank you, Geno

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    Personally, I'd think that $500 could buy a LOT more speaker. Pretty much any 12" 3-way is a candidate.

    There's at least a half dozen different versions of the 4312 around. You'll find tech sheets in the "Links" forum here.

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