Hi everyone, I have used the last year or so browsing this forum and asking small questions about the 4345 speaker, because i would like to build a pair.
I am from denmark and I have listened to a pair of 4333 speakers numerous times, and I realized I wanted a pair of big 43 monitors, and my love for the 4345 started.
I have been gathering the drivers and units for the project over the last year, and I have gathered the following for now:
2X 2245H
2X 2122H
2X 2420
2X 2307 + 2308

the only thing i need is the UHF drivers and i have a pair waiting for me, the only reason i am not rushing is because of the availability of these drivers and my priority with the project.
As I asked in another thread, i was a bit worried with a 2245H purchase i made of ebay, since the cones were a lot different from each other, but with the help of a good friend at JBL i have now ordered two C8R2245 kits directly from JBL, and these kits are my first priority right now.
Once I am done with the collecting of drivers I will start work on the crossovers, I am a bit of a "JBL-Original-Design" guy, and i want the final speaker to perform as the original 4345 not better not worse, so my thought are the biased network diagrams available on this forum but without the double caps and non-biased (thus being free of the center tapped transformer) - Then i can experiment with the biased networks after I finished the whole speaker.
After the crossovers I will start work on the cabinets, and I have made arrangements of veneering at a veneering-central with a large veneer press (they will counter-veneer in whole sided american walnut veneer, on MDF), then afterwards I will transport the veneered sides to a professional woodworking craftsman who will make the lock-mitre joints, the routing and assembly of the speaker, per my instructions.
lastly when this is all done, and the custom foilcals from Sign-Shop is ordered, i will assemble and listen - hopefully in a years time from now.

the only thing i am confused about in this project, and unable to source, is the blue cloth for the grilles, but that must wait for now.

I will keep you updated as i go along!