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Thread: JBL L212 (212B) Bass Energizer Question

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    JBL L212 (212B) Bass Energizer Question

    Hello. I was thinking about buying a set JBL L212 (2 towers & Sub). The sub does work, but there is low output coming from the amplifier.

    I was wondering if anyone was familiar with working on this system or had similar problems.

    I wonder if it worth it trying to fix it and if towers will work normally as the set is now.

    Also, JBL old paperwork says they will fix it, but it seems this info is outdated.

    Does anyone have a amp (energizer) for the L212 or the complete sub for sale? I think its model is 212B or 212E

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    The towers will work without the sub. They are designed to roll off the 8 inch at about 70 Hz with no electrical high pass. Of course that means that the bass unit's output is tailored carefully to work with it, so it would be desirable to have the bass unit working. I can't address the repair aspect, but there may be some here who can. If you do a search here you will find many threads on that system and the ins and outs of the bass unit and working with alternatives.

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    I had a similar problem with my old L212 sub woofer Unit. The volume was down about 30dB. My experience is that the first component to fail with old amps is the caps. Cost about $100 to replace the capacitors - well worth it IMO. The bass is tight and very extended.
    There is an electrical diagram some where around here.

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    I agree with Sweet212

    It is most likely Caps, however dont forget the amp is only about 75 watts, and from my experience for a sub to work well it usually needs several hundred watts to sound good. I think the bass energizer is a bit under powered to start with.

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