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Thread: CBC Cowboy Junkies concert for free

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    Thanks for the heads-up on this Bo ... and to you too, Clark!

    I just got this DVD/CD package today ... the 20th anniversary return to the Trinity church ...
    I've only played a bit of it so far ... but the sound is great and so is the audio (5.1 surround or PCM stereo)
    There is a feature about the making of the recording, that looks good from what I scanned of it -
    but the music seems to be the plus! Quite reasonable at $16!!

    Quote Originally Posted by boputnam View Post
    Hi, Clark...

    There's a show wandering around on DirecTV somewhere, too - (Ch 14 in my zone). "Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Revisited", features appearances by Ryan Adams, Natalie Merchant, Vic Chesnutt and Jeff Bird. A splendid show. (It's available on DVD).

    I've long appreciated the band - their instrumentation is nearly identical to that of my crummy little band, but they went into genres we haven't.

    Thanks for the Link.
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    Heather, If you liked anything about the Vic Chesnutt parts, this little concert will be very nice for you. Once he got sober, it seems he was a really sweet guy - with a genius for cultural observation and personal responses to it.

    It was recorded about a year and a half before he died. Bear in mind that after an accident he had when he was eighteen, most of his body never or barely worked again. I couldn't imagine a less commercial musician; sometimes the culture business in this part of the World is worse than unfair. In this case to him and to us. Look at what we missed out on. He had more to say in one song than most stars do in their entire career. And oh my, how he said it.

    Thank you Cowboy Junkies for championing Vic and trying to bring him to the forefront.

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    On the Mountain Stage

    Darn nice stuff. There is a sixth musician here, Joby Baker on keys. They have used him whenever he is available. Margo is mixed over the band, so the vocals are very full but the band is muted as compared to the live experience in person. About 34 minutes, including a tune played by someone else, Bob Thompson. A nice version of Monk's "Mysterioso" on solo piano. Man, Monk was such a genius.

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    Information is not Knowledge; Knowledge is not Wisdom

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