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Thread: used jbl synthesis equalizers, worth getting?

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    denmark, copenhagen

    used jbl synthesis equalizers, worth getting?

    i have get my hands on a used eq system at a good prize, the one from jbl synthesis two.

    it is a 7.4 system.

    l+c+r+ls+rs+lb+rb is 7 x SPP-GE.
    4 subwoofer eq is 4 xSPP-SWEQM.
    and the stand alone powersupply is the SPP-RPS2.

    I dont know how old these products are? and i have never listened to a surround system with jbl synthesis equalizers.

    is it still any good? strong points, weak points?

    what would i gain if anything compared to using "lowprice" digital eq's, like the dbx driverack?

    I have tried the google approach, but coudnt really find anything.

    best regards


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    The equalizers were made by Rane for JBL. They are not that old, they are from the mid and late 1990s. They are based on the Rane flex series FME15. There were a few changes, for example the JBLs switch from 3 to 6db range, while the Ranes switch from 6 to 12 db range. Rane didn't make any equivalent model of the SWEQM Subwoofer equalizers, but they are all based on the same main circuit board. I have a bunch of them from ebay, and I use the SWEQMs on my woofers in a PT800 / PS1400 system. The SWEQMs are sixth octave graphic EQs. They are nice and quiet in my system, much better than the full range 31 band Rane that I had previously tried. Most people have moved beyond this technology to use digital equalizers, but I'm happy with these older ones. I haven't done any comparison though, I have no didital eqs to compare with. The only problem with mine is that they are painted silver, and don't visually match the rest of my system.
    You will not be able to get any support for these from JBL or Rane. Each points to the other for support, but neither provides any. I've tried repeatedly to get schematics, they apparently don't exist, except for the ones that rane has for the FME15s.

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    Those are quite old... they were built by Rane for JBL. Any comments you can find out there about the older Rane analog equalizers will pertain to these units. I used to use them myself. I would use them in a budget Home Theater, I wouldn't use them or low priced digital in a proper music system.


    Edit: Don beat me to it... I guess we have different definitions of something old.

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    denmark, copenhagen


    Hi widget and don, thanks for your oppinions.

    My intended use for them is only homecinema.

    mid nineteens is pretty old for an eq.

    ill read up on rane.

    thanks guys

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